Fine Art WaterColor Paintings

Photographs which have been digitally hand painted by Patrice

We would love to meet with you to design a Fine Art Watercolor Painting for your home. With this type of session, we plan the style and type of art paper to use beforehand and the session is designed in order to create a Painting for your Home. With this session, you will receive your choice  Watercolor, Canvas, or Metal Print. More information can be found within our Pricing Information. Please note that the price of this type of session will depend on size and type of paper used to create your Fine Art Painting.

We have done paintings of the family dogs, maternity sessions, flowers in the garden, and custom collage metal prints of a baby’s first year of life. We have also digitally hand painted Watercolor Paintings from photographs (snapshots) taken in 35mm file.  The options are endless of how we can create a custom Fine Art Print for you.

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